Why Attend a Cannabis Conference

Why Should You Attend a Cannabis Conference This Year?

If you’re thinking a Cannabis Conference is for consumers who love to get high, you’re not alone. The words “marijuana and conference” combined together haven’t been taken seriously, and the image that first comes to mind could be more along the lines of a 420-bong show. These perceptions persist, but they’re not true. With Canada legalizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational, adult, use, cannabis conferences are popping up everywhere; one might say, growing like a weed – pun intended.

Today, the Cannabis Conference experience is for cannabis professionals, business owners, like-minded entrepreneurs, medical experts, researchers, journalists and business development professionals navigating the legalized industry. Quite different to the consumer-based “stoner” expo experience.

The cannabis sector has grown and cannabis seminars and workshops provide education on-the ground and expert training for audiences across a variety of sectors and disciplines.

Cannabis Conferences are geared towards the business community and are in fact, professional, refined, industry events curated with leading experts as key note speakers, and with top names across the industry, including popular celebrity personalities as MC and guests in panels, as well as in attendance. What does this mean? It means the Canadian public is opening their minds to the innovation and opportunity cannabis can offer. It means endless networking opportunities and a wealth of knowledge gathered together in one place for a week that could change the course of your career.

Cannabis Conferences are heavily focused on education and networking. They allow budding cannabis entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn and really prosper in their field. Not only do attendees get to experience first-hand presentations from some of the most informed minds working the industry ,at a level compared closely to a TedX experience, they also are exposed to innovative products and services with the latest tech appearing in the cannabis industry through business-based booth exhibitions.

How should we think about Cannabis Conferences and Summits?

First, they’re different from expos and “420-bong shows.” Cannabis conferences help connect the BRB (business to business) market rather than direct to consumers. Secondly, they’re an all-access pass to valuable networking opportunities that have real career and sales potential. Lastly, new products and services are developed rapidly with in this emerging industry; summits and conferences allow business owners and organizations the opportunity to stay competitive and informed on the latest trends, tech, and opportunities that could impact their business. Cannabis conference provide them with a competitive advantage in an already complicated market.

Learn from Experts: Absorb and Apply

Legal cannabis is changing Canada. There are still wavering opinions about the value ofthe Cannabis landscape. Learn from the brightest minds and apply best practices towards your own entrepreneurial endeavour.

Understand the Legal Cannabis Marketing LandscapeLearn from the experts

The cannabis industry is not an easy landscape to navigate, but with guidance and education, you’re sure to see your way through. Understand the market, your competition, and where opportunity may be for your cannabis product or service. Learn about branding, marketing, what you are permitted to communicate in your marketing materials, and most importantly, how to implement this knowledge into an effective strategy. Set your brand’s identity apart from the rest. Learn about the local, national, and international market and where opportunity is for your specific target audience. Gain insight on how will you can best position your business in front of a target market ready to engage.

Connect with Like-Minded Cannabis Professionals

Cannabis Conferences and Summits are an opportunity to remain competitive, but they’re also great spaces to learn how to network, collaborate, and grow your brand with other industry professionals. Opportunity is everywhere; In fact, we know the market is a crowded one, how could collaboration or partnership be a game-changer for your business? In our experience, Cannabis Conferences and Summits have been a space filled with interesting, knowledgeable thought-leaders who are welcoming and enthusiastic about the industry. These spaces are ideal in helping you to develop life-long partnerships and perhaps even friendships.


Become Informed on the Latest Tech in Cannabis

You can’t keep up with the tech and the innovation. Attitudes have changed and industries across the board are pouring funds into research and development, changing the game for LP’s and retailers of cannabis. Canada has come out of the shadows and has introduced cannabis innovations in distribution, technology, automation, AI, Human Resources, accounting practices, packaging, construction, interior and architectural design, and insurance, to name a few. The cannabis community is no-longer limited to consumers and producers, it’s inter-woven with industries everywhere.

Cannabis Industry Standards

Like every industry, there are standards, and it is important to ensure that you as a business owner or cannabis professional stay informed. Rules and regulations for LP’s and retailers opening and operating face a completely different experience and set of obstacles since legalization was introduced. The policies change frequently and policy makers have made some tricky, and at times, unclear rules around retail cannabis.  Ensure you navigate the Cannabis Act appropriately.


Work Hard, Play Hard.

Most importantly, have fun! The number one reason to attend a Cannabis Conference like The Canadian Cannabis Summit is to network  and get educated. Make the most of your conference experience with VIP parties and workshops. Meet new connections and friends, enjoy catered food and drink, and travel to a new and exciting city. Why not make a cannabis conference your next business trip? You won’t regret it!

The next Canadian Cannabis Summit is May 30th – June 1st at the Downtown Marriott Hotel in Calgary, Canada. For tickets click here

Author: Shyla Wolf