Sasha Musij

Sasha Musij


Sasha Musij

Director, Agribusiness Market Development Agriculture Centre of Expertise

ATB Financial

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Panelist: "The Alberta Advantage: Bringing Home New Opportunity".

A passion for pioneering growth in Alberta’s evolving agricultural and agrifood landscape plays a key role in Sasha’s approach to building the most effective financial solutions for ATB’s agribusiness clients.

This includes everything from pre-farm sciences and technologies through to post-farm gate production, manufacturing and innovation. As a part of ATB’s Agriculture Centre of Expertise (ACE) Sasha’s support extends to being a thought leader, connecter, catalyst and lender to the full ecosystem throughout Alberta and Canada.

Primarily focusing on the value add and non-traditional areas of agribusiness Sasha and the ATB team cover the full value chain of the cannabis sector, from production to value add and retail. His deep knowledge of how the licensing system works, overall industry economics and ability to assess opportunities to identify top performers are all part of his efforts to work alongside industry and build out this new and exciting sector.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, Sasha’s passion for the agribusiness sector stems from his love for the outdoors, discovering where our food comes from, and exploring innovations that provide us sustainable solutions.