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The Canadian Cannabis Summit is the first conference in Western Canada to bring together medical and therapeutic professionals, policy makers and law enforcement, investment and business strategists, innovation, technology and community leaders.

Gain a competitive and comprehensive perspective of the emerging cannabis industry essential for budding or seasoned entrepreneurs, academics and professionals. Join us May 30 -June 1, 2019.

Canadian Cannabis Summit in Calgary. Alberta

May 30 -June 1, 2019

“From investment and retail, to the therapeutic and scientific benefits of Cannabis, the Canadian Cannabis Summit will help you form your go-to market strategy. This is not another trade show.


The Canadian Cannabis Summit is the most innovative, helpful conference you can attend if you are budding or seasoned professional looking for opportunity and education within the emerging Canadian Cannabis Industry. Join us May 30 -June 1, 2019.

Join us for 2 full days right in the heart of downtown Calgary.

  • Learn from experienced cannabis professionals working within a variety of industries.
  • Gain valuable insight on cannabis technology, science & medicine, retail, banking, investment, marketing, political policy, and Canadian law.
  • Attain a deeper knowledge on Cannabis business development, as well as the strategy of operating a legal Canadian cannabis business.
  • Hear from the people pioneering and shaping the forthcoming legal Canadian cannabis industry.
  • Enjoy our B2B meeting spaces, 2 days of presentations, panels, and workshops!

2019 Speaker Lineup

Annaliese Kibler

Annaliese Kibler is the Director of Regulatory Affairs for Aurora Cannabis. Annaliese is a consumer, plant scientist,...

Kevin N. Lea

Prior to co-founding Fuse Insurance, Kevin was a Senior Account Executive & Employee-Owner (partner) with Rogers...

2019 Associated Brands & Institutions

Learn from Brands Leading The Way

Who Should Attend…

The legalization of cannabis is a pivotal moment in Canada’s history. If you want to be a part of a changing consumer market in Cannabis & Cannabis Related Industries, be sure to attend the Canadian Cannabis Summit.

This Summit is for:

  • Entrepreneurs

    who want to learn how to launch and grow their Cannabis related brand.

  • Organizations & Companies

    that need to develop a business strategy including the marketing and operation of their business within legal Canadian guidelines.

  • Physicians, Health or Therapeutic Professionals

    who strive to educate, collaborate, research and communicate the subject of Cannabis or the applications of Cannabis for health related purposes.

  • Investors

    who understand that Cannabis is an emerging and profitable investment and value informative insight into the latest technology, trends, and opportunities.

  • Trainers & Mentors

    interested in lifestyle and well being, who see the value Cannabis and Hemp lends to both therapeutic and recreational users.

  • Who Else?

    Community leaders, Criminal Justice Professionals, Politicians & Elected Policy Makers, Researchers and Academics, Public Health Professionals, and youth servicing Organizations.


Policy & Regulations

Canadian cannabis regulations and Federal legislation will be announced by the Federal Government with the upcoming legalization of recreational Marijuana in July 2018.

High Finance

Investor opportunities, trends and innovations, markets, and insurance.

Growing & Cultivation

Exploring the process and journey of seed to sale, cultivation technologies, and the foreseen challenges of tracking and taking inventory of cannabis products.

Health & Wellness

Therapeutic and medical treatments, personal well-being, lifestyle, fitness, public health and safety.

Cannabis Science

Research, case studies, extraction methods, THC, CBD, accreditation and standards in laboratories and greenhouses.

Marketing & Advertising

Discussing the complex guidelines on branding cannabis products and services. Public health, education and preventing use in youth.

Have An Idea?
Is there a Cannabis related topic you’d like to see on our list? Let us know and we’ll take it into consideration.

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