Michael Koehn, MACP, RCC, CHPC


Michael Koehn

Chief Cannabis Strategist and Founder

The CannSolve Clinic

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Improving Patient Outcomes with Cannabidiol: The Magic Is In The Mix
Throughout the last 20 years Michael has worked with medical cannabis in various capacities including as a primary caregiver, mental health clinician and disability case manager.

In 2008 Michael co-founded the Welcome Back MRI and Pain Management Centre, installing Canada’s only dynamic multi-positional MRI scanner combined with an interdisciplinary medical assessment and treatment team. In 2012 Michael created Mindteams Solutions Inc, a mental heath agency that specializes in the complex work of helping motor vehicle accident victims to restore their quality of life and function. Over the last year Michael partnered with his team of physicians, educators, clinicians and MCRCI to begin The CannSolve Clinic, a new concept focusing on personalized cannabinoid medicine, cannabis familiarization and functional formulations to empower patient success.

Michael is a passionate speaker and cannabis educator who built the CannSolve Community of local patients - a peer support opportunity for new and experienced cannabis users to support one another to maximize cannabis success. He conducts mobile clinics for seniors and special interest groups to bring cannabis to the community. Michael trains pharmacists, physicians, and nurses in the practical work of using cannabis in a clinical setting. His current project involves tackling the opiate crisis with a multidisciplinary team of experts to promote cannabis substitution strategies.

He holds a BA in Psychology from Thompson Rivers University and an MA in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.

Cannabis products rich in cannabidiol (CBD) are widely used by medical cannabis patients to help improve their symptom management, function, and quality of life. Patients use CBD to intentionally direct their experience of cannabis, generating fascinating results with potential implications for all cannabis users. How do they do it and why should I think like a medical user? This presentation will start with a brief overview of cannabinoids, cannabis types, and administration methods. The discussion moves next to a practical discussion of the three most important behaviours that patients use to improve their treatment outcomes. Following this, we will review a powerful and flexible three part framework that drives patient success. The talk will conclude with recommendations for both the existing medical use and upcoming adult use markets. Join us with an all access pass to practical insights gathered from experienced medical cannabis patients who have shared their most valued and impactful findings. Come and see for yourself if the magic really is in the mix.