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Mark Raffan




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The 7 Deadly Sins of Negotiation. What if you knew where the most common sins (pitfalls and mistakes) in negotiation were? How would that change the way you approach your negotiations? This presentation dives into the 7 deadly sins of negotiation, what their dangers are and how to avoid them.
Mark is the founder of Negotiations Ninja Training, a training and coaching business dedicated to developing and delivering the most engaging training and coaching in the world.

Having spent many years in c-suite negotiations, Mark decided to start his own firm to educate and train executives, M&A teams, sales teams, and procurement teams how to execute better negotiations and get more value out of their deals. Utilizing his extensive experience speaking to executives and their employees on the topics of negotiation, Mark leverages the data and teams that already exist in businesses to drive more value by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. He coaches executives and their teams how to "do more with less" by teaching them how to use their existing resources to drive up profitability. Mark teaches businesses how to reduce the cost of acquisition and increase the volume of sales to the business to increase performance, profitability, and make more efficient use of time and assets. Mark is also the host of the Negotiations Ninja Podcast, the number 1 negotiation podcast on Google Play. Mark started Negotiations Ninja Podcast because he noticed a MASSIVE negotiation knowledge gap in the market. Mark interviews FBI negotiators, influential executives, world leading sales gurus, legal masterminds, and expert communicators to draw out what works in negotiation, what doesn’t work, and what we can do to get better.