Jo-Anne Yau


Jo-Anne Yau

Innovations Lawyer & Litigator

Masuch Law Firm

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Budding Growth: Legal Strategies for Business Development in the Cannabis Industry. Jo-Anne Yau will discuss legal strategies for business development, and pinpoint the specifics unique to the cannabis industry. She will explore the possibilities for, and limitations of, cannabis businesses making global movements into the American and European market. Brand leveraging, E-Commerce, data privacy, and litigation strategy are also highlights of this presentation.

Disrupting.  Challenging.  Innovating.

That’s what Jo-Anne’s clients do.  When they dive into uncharted territory, it’s her job to anticipate what lies ahead, analyze the game plan, and strategize for the future.

Jo-Anne’s practice focuses on new and emerging industries. Her clients are companies, inventors, artists, athletes, sports leagues, and performers from all around the world. For over a decade, she has helped them capitalize on intellectual property, protect their brands, and negotiate agreements. Jo-Anne takes a creative approach to traditional areas of law such as Franchising, Commercial Law, and litigation.
Jo-Anne is no stranger to seizing opportunity. Soon after the Deep Water Horizon tragedy in 2010, she quickly learned the esoterics of filing BP oil spill claims, and travelled throughout Florida to teach lawyers how to file these claims. Being frustrated with the scarcity of legal authority in Cyber Law to guide her clients, her research led her to enroll in the Master of Laws program at the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland, where she hopes to earn her LLM degree in Internet Law and Policy in 2019. Before Canada enacted its Cannabis legislation, Jo-Anne was delivering full day seminars to chambers of commerce and other professional organizations. She continues to be the legal issues speaker at national-scale conferences in Tech, Franchising, Medicine, and Business Development.

Originally from Calgary, she graduated from the U of C with a B.Sc in Biology and a minor in Psychology. Jo-Anne then went Stateside to attend Florida Coastal School of Law. During her 15 years in Florida, she incorporated her business growth strategies into her own law firm, and those efforts earned her the “Entrepreneur of the Year” runner up title in the largest women’s business owner organization in the state. She is also the youngest person ever appointed to preside over a Florida court, and at the time, was the only judge of Asian descent in the state. Jo-Anne is a Patent Attorney registered before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, a registered Sports Agent, and is published in the University of New Hampshire’s law journal.

Outside the office, Jo-Anne serves on the Board of Digital Alberta, a not-for-profit organization that supports, promotes, and connects Albertans in digital media and technology. She is also a committee member of the Weizmann League, supporting the Weizmann Institute’s initiatives to benefit humanity through science. Her perspectives on current events in tech and law are shared on her podcast, TECHnicality. Above all, Jo-Anne is keeping up with her six year old daughter’s sports and music activities.