Jeff Bradshaw

Jeff Bradshaw


Jeff Bradshaw

President & CEO

Cannabis Learning Series

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Fit For Duty: What does it mean and why should you care?
For more than 25 years Jeff has worked to continue to modernize the way we communicate and educate in corporate environments.

With that longevity, he has had to constantly evolve with the times. From low-tech and offline solutions, to digital online technology, and now to the modern connected workforce, he is always focused on solutions and results.   Jeff’s belief is that integrating strategic thinking and visual storytelling into the creation of educational content creates a more engaged blended visual learning experience. 

As a early adopter and lifetime entrepreneur, it was Jeff’s interest in cannabis legalization that lead to the creation of the Cannabis Learning Series in late 2017.  Now Jeff and his team of advisors actively engage and educate employers on the impact cannabis legalization will have on the workplace.