Fred Mills




Sustainable Facility Consultant, Cannabis Consultant

Action Mills Inc, Cannabis Green Team

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2019 Workshop: Home Growing.
Fred is a Disabled Certified Facility Manager who grows medical cannabis and makes his own medicines to deal with chronic pain, IBS and migraines. Fred has established The Cannabis Green Team to help other ACMPR growers get through the ACMPR process and be successful.

Fred was a Sustainable Facility Consultant for Education and Health Care Facilities dealing with infection control, HVAC, cleaning, grounds, and energy. Fred is now Consulting for the ACMPR Cannabis Community in the same aspects and here's why;

Several years ago Fred's Pain Doctor recommended he ingest cannabis oil to deal with his Ulcerative Colitis. Four months later the colonoscopy by the GI Surgeon showed no dead colon and he asked Fred what he had been doing as it was healed and he didn't require surgery - Cannabis Oil!

Fred went from growing his own medical cannabis to making his own medicines to helping others get certified and grow legally. Licensed Providers, MMPR growers, medical cannabis patients and those applying for their ACMPR certificates have all been helped by the Cannabis Green Team.


Fred Mills is a Certified Facility Mangager, Sustainability Facility Professional and transferred these skills to the Cannabis Industry. Fred will inform the audience about the Canadian medical cannabis legislation (ACMPR), how we got here, and how to apply for your medical cannabis certificate.

Fred will then relate information about choosing which cannabis strain you should grow based on your medicinal needs and the facility techniques needed to grow successfully. Fred will also share his successes with making medicines, oils, butters, edibles, and hash. You can learn more about Fred at and see his Cannabis stories at