Erika Holter


Erika Holter

Her Roots

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Driving Diversity in Canada’s Cannabis Industry.
Erika Holter has a twenty year history in working with a diverse variety of industry associations, in a Managerial and Executive Director capacity. Her not-for-profit expertise also includes a degree in non-profit studies, serving as an Instructor with the Alberta Government’s Board Development Program and ample volunteer experience, including her current role as Chair for Calgary Corporate Challenge.

In 2016, Erika took her extensive event management skills and parlayed them into Klik Entertainment Group, an event production company which currently has three Calgary-based annual expos in rotation. Erika is part of the founding team behind Her Roots, an organization designed to connect, empower and promote diversity in Canada`s cannabis industry. Having witnessed first-hand throughout multiple industries and Boards just how much more effective and impactful an organization is when there is a heightened focus on inclusionary initiatives, she is excited to help facilitate this and provide a forum for driving diversity within the cannabis sector.