Audrey Wong


Audrey Wong

Director, Provincial Distribution Partnerships

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

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Repealing Prohibition 2.0 - Succeeding in the industry through studying 95 years of legalized liquor.

Audrey plays a prominent role in the Canadian recreational cannabis marketplace having been responsible for preparing both public and private industry for legalized Cannabis sales and distribution. Audrey holds a Juris Doctor from the University of British Columbia.

Audrey is the Director, Provincial Distribution Partnerships at Aurora Cannabis, a publicly-traded licensed cannabis producer with business in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

She is responsible for the supply and distribution of Aurora product to the Canadian recreational market. Previously, Audrey was a member of the executive management team at the BC Liquor Distribution Branch with a portfolio that included overseeing the 2015 liquor business and policy transformation as well as leading the preparation for sales and distribution of recreational cannabis.


With cannabis legalization looming, there are ample opportunities for entrepreneurial Canadians to enter the cannabis space. However, with so many unknowns, there remains a significant risk to entry. To help convert these opportunities into successful ventures, entrants can study the evolution of post-prohibition liquor in Canada to prepare themselves for what is yet to come.

Audrey has deep experience in government liquor distribution and has played a key role in preparing both government and Aurora Cannabis for legal cannabis operations. She will be sharing her insight on the parallels between liquor and cannabis in Canada to help entrepreneurs position themselves for long-term success.