Ali Oonwala


Ali Oonwala


Revolution Medical Cannabis

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Moderator: The Opioid Crisis and the Role of Medical Cannabis.

Ali is a Calgary-based pharmacist and started Revolution Medical Cannabis in pursuit of helping opioid-dependent patients. Ali witnessed the suffering of many of his patients in his downtown Calgary pharmacy. Ali believes medical cannabis can help make a positive impact on the daily struggles of his patients by giving them a safer alternative. In addition to catalyzing cannabis’s role in the opioid crisis, Ali believes CBD can have an impact on sports medicine and chronic pain. (Ali is a huge sports fan himself). Ali's vision is to educate the public on the difference between recreational and medical cannabis; in turn, helping to deflate the stigma around marijuana and encourage research. His philosophy to total wellness is to have a sense of balance in one’s life and social environment. This to him is as vital as nutrition, exercise, and medicine. This is why Revolution Medical Cannabis's medical professionals and educators relate to all their patients beyond the patient/clinician relationship. Because of Ali's philosophy of total wellness, his Calgary and Edmonton medical cannabis clinics take pride in their commitment to listening carefully to all the issues and struggles of their patients. Ali Oonwala graduated from the University of Alberta School of Pharmacy in 2002. After practicing in Seattle for several years, he returned home to Calgary.